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                   "SO IN STYLE BARBIE"
(The new African American Doll)

  Recently Mattle has announced a new line of African American Barbie dolls. These 3 new Barbies resemble the features of an African American woman.  They have fuller lips, broader noses etc, and come and 3 different complexions even ethnic names. Previous Barbies used the same molds as white Barbies only obvious difference of course was their brown complexion.  I think the dolls are really cute. However, I think they could have done without the bling bling concept on the "Kara" Barbie. Overall, I think Mattel did a pretty good job.  It is nice to finally see a Barbie that resembles an African American woman. Only tweak Mattel needs to work on is Barbies butt.  I'm 100% sure that has not changed.  For more info on the new dolls check out the link below.

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